P25 Reflector List

Note: This table of P25 reflectors is pulled from the Pi-Star P25 Database (updated hourly).
P25 TG NumberDescription
TG 10100World Wide, 1010x
TG 10200North America, 1020x
TG 10201North America TAC1
TG 10300Europe, 1030x
TG 10301Europe TAC1
TG 10400Pacific, 1040x
TG 10401Pacific TAC1
TG 10402pacific TAC2
TG 10403pacific TAC3
TG 28299America-Ragchew, 28299
TG 31010Alabama Link
TG 3166531665 P25-DMR Gateway
TG 3167231672 P25 Pi-Star chat
TG 5052550525 Bridge to YSF, NXDN and DMR
TG 9999Disconnect