Register for DMR / NXDN

Thankfully things are a little more simple now for DMR/NXDN registration than they once were. There were a number of registries that were in use for DMR IDs, plus a totally seperate registry for NXDN. These have since been combined and you can now use for all of your DMR/NXDN ID registration needs.

Register yourself for an account at, once you have your account setup, you can then go through the process of registering for your ID(s). You should only need a single DMR ID and single NXDN ID.

You can check your registration status, either at or here on this website, the tool hosted on this website will indicate your registration status in the DB that is available to all Pi-Star users, you will find that it can lag behind by almost 24h, I offer this lookup because you are able to see when your callsign will show up on the dashboard for all Pi-Star users.

Note: Some D-Star reflectors have required a CCS7 (DMR ID) in the past, even if you only use D-Star, you may also need a DMR ID registered.