System X Talkgroup List

The below table is generated by connecting to the System X API,
this data is live as of the time this page was loaded.

There are 66 available TalkGroups on the System X network.

Sys X TG NumberSystem X TG Name
87Blind Hams
121One2One Chats
247247 RagChew
310USA Calling
321Tech Chat USA
322West Michigan Connect USA
325FreeSTAR UK Bridge
369Fusion Link USA
530New Zealand Calling
907CQ JOTA Worldwide
969Pride Network
2345CQ Northumberland
2350UK ChatterBOX
2352UK ChatterBOX 2
2353UK ChatterBOX 3
2357Isle of Man
2358DV England
3100USA Nationwide
3101USA Chat 1
3102USA Chat 2
3103USA Chat Chat 3
3160Crossroads USA
4001Blind Hams Bridge
5300New Zealand Wide
5301New Zealand Chat 1
5302New Zealand Chat 2
5303New Zealand Chat 3
9071JOTA Worldwide TAC 1
9072JOTA Worldwide TAC 2
9073JOTA Worldwide TAC 3
9074JOTA Worldwide TAC 4
9075JOTA Worldwide TAC 5
9076JOTA Worldwide TAC 6
9077JOTA Worldwide TAC 7
9078JOTA Worldwide TAC 8
23426FreeSTAR UK
23530Yorkshire White Rose
23550Scotland Chat
23552Stirling Link
23556DV Scotland Multi-Mode
23557Scotland East
23558Scotland North
23559Scotland West
23560North East
23561N. North East
23565Northumberland Scouts
23566South Wales Digital
23590XLX248 E East Midlands
23591Nottinghamshire Link
23592Retford Link
31234SHARC Network
31320IRN USA
31847SkyHub Link
31963New England DMR
234700NorthNet UK
235287GB7NR Repeater
2349702MB7ISC Stirling