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Download mirror available for the most popular downloads: http://download.pistar.uk

Change Log
10-Feb-2024 **Version 4.3.0 BETA RESPIN #1** - Available for Download.
    This is a re-spin of the Beta image, fixing up a number of
        bugs that have been discovered in the origional.
        Most of these can be applied to your running 4.3.0
        install with an update, however some are fixed in the
        base image, and for that you need a new image.

08-Feb-2024 **Version 4.3.0 BETA** - Available for Download.
    This release upgrades the base OS from Bullseye to Bookworm.
        Binaries / Dashboard are all the same as 4.x chain.
        There will be some of you that need (for some reason)
        to use the older binary set, if that happens to be
        the case, check out this post on the forum:
    This is an *EARLY* release, there are going to be things
        that do not work properly, please keep that in mind
        before you choose to download it.
    Updates and fixes *MAY* need a new image to be burned.