Pi-Star Contributors

Pi-Star is a complex project, its a little older than many realise, with the first versions of a Raspberry Pi image, that was actually called Pi-Star being built in August 2014.

There a few people who contributed in the early days, mostly the contributions came in the form of problems thay had suffered in trying to get D-Star working, and how complex it was, so first off I'd like to say a personal thank you to all of the members of Blackwood & District ARS, for their support, moans, rants and feedback.

Next a special thank you to Mark (MW0MAU), who is the keeper of a nearby D-Star gateway, his needs form the basis of the 'pistar-keeper' application, that is soon to be re-written.

I can't ignore the feedback, abuse, criticism, constant phone calls and abuse (yes I said abuse twice, because he's abused me *THAT* badly) from Adrian (M0GLJ), without who, most of you would never have heard of Pi-Star in the first place. Adrian convinced me to allow him to tell the world about Pi-Star, because he thought it was that good, the release was already public, but almost nobody seemed to know about it before motor mouth Adrian came on board - thank you Adrian, not just from myself, but from all of the users who now use Pi-Star.

Now that you know who helped push Pi-Star into existance, there are some more special people who we all owe a debt of grattitude for their willingness to relese their software for free. Johnathan Naylor (G4KLX) for his most excellent DStarRepeater, ircDDBGateway suite, and more recently MMDVMHost and DMRGateway, these applications form the core of what makes Pi-Star what it is, and without these excellent applications Digital Voice for Amateurs would be an entirely different and barron landscape.
Hans-J Barthen (DL5DI) for his early ircDDGGateway dashboard, this forms the basis of the dashboard in use for DStarRepeater mode on Pi-Star, it's been quite extensivly modified, but his work gave me a very good start, thank you.
Kim Huebel (DG9VH) for his MMDVMHost dashboard, I used a quite early build and I believe much has changed since, but again like Hans' work, what Pi-Star uses has been extensivly modified. Without this work as a starting point, Pi-Star would not be what it is today.

And now to you dear reader, you are probably reading this because you already run Pi-Star, or you are about to start, without you, this project wouldn't be where it is today, a shining beacon of what can be when a few like minded people with similar interests are prepaired to set monatary gain asside and just give away their work. You might not be a coder, you might not feel that you understand digital radio enough to give anythihng back, but that time will come, enjoy the hobby, tell your friends what we got right with Pi-Star, and tell us when it does somthing it shouldn't.

Below is a non exhaustive list of people who have donated to the project to help kick it off and/or to keep it alive:

  Bruce Given
  Mark Guibord
  Craig Gagner
  DV Modems
  George Musikov
  Matthew Harrold
  Rob van Rheenan
  Albert Taylor
  Fran Miele
  Paul Delmelle
  Toshen Golias
  Nicholas Cannata
  Andy Ashley
  Terry Tassos
  John Landry
  Brian Holman
  Scott Evans
  Clarence Arnstedt
  Pascal (F5UAB)
  Scott Evans
  Raymond Russo
  Walter (Scale Robotics)
  Henrik Haumann
  Gianni Arcieri
  Oleg Moroz
  Kevin Drissel
  Steven Hess
  Guillaume Larouche
  Edward Healy
  David Hartley
  Clifton Gurlen
  Dean Memory
  Graham Auld
  Mohd - 9M2TPT/M0HIK
  Keith Thomas
  Roger Fouyer
  Joseph - NE2Z
  Duane Reese
  Rob - VE7FU/VE7ROB
  Adam Gerrard
  Andrzej - SP4HXV
  Michael Ladd
  Robert Talbot
  Michael Ladd
  Paul Driver
  Eugene - N9MXQ
  Oliver - DW7FCV
  David Hartley
  Brad - N8QQ
  Carty - KA2Y
  David Young
  Jeremy Carter
  Joseph - N4NQY
  Dave - K6WDE
  Kevin Crandall
  Mike - W0STB
  Rick Mathis
  Rodney - KB2FJD
  Scott - VK7HSE
  Earl - VE7QJ
  Vy Systems
  Carlos - PY1EGG
  Adelaide - MI0CEO
  Oliver - DW7FCV
  Marcel - PD4MM
  Jean - ON6MJ
  Daniel - KC1ILH
  Roberto - LU8EUT
  Chris - N6JET
  Nark Wheeler
  Jeffrey Day
  Larry - N8NJ
  Mike - KD6FTR