Register a new YSF Reflector

This process is quite simple, create your new YSF Reflector using the software available at this Git Repo. Check the options in the config file, and make sure that either you are happey for it to generate its own 5 digit ID, or specify one in the YSFReflector.ini if you prefer.

Note 1: Please stick to the standard port of 42000 unless you really have to change it, the Pi-Star software includes a firewall that restricts outbound conections to the required ports.

Once your reflector is up and running, register it at the by creating an account and filling out the form, once your registration is active the information will be pulled into the Pi-Star databases automatically soon after, there is nothing else you need to do.

Note 2: If you find that your reflector is not showing up in the Pi-Star list, make sure (by checking the registry) that you are not using the same ID for your reflector as an existing host.